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Thursday, 27 December 2012

KRS 16th Training Camp 2012

School is gonna reopen and it means that my holiday life is going to END! .__. But last week I took part in my school Training Camp! It was the first camp I took part in and thanks for allowing me to get involved! ;) 

Thanks KRS for giving me such memorable memories! You guys are so so great, I really feel the warm and love from you guys. Thanks KRS buddies! You guys are everything for me! 

Its KRS 16th Training Camp! I only post the AJK photos because they're more important for me! :D


Preparing the open ceremony 

 Open ceremony
All the members are welcoming our seniors and teacher

Our chairman with our teacher

Our teacher giving speech 

Our ex-chairman - SJN Chen Zhe Yang 

 KRS chairman - SJN Teh Zi Qun
We used to call him "ginna" because he only 160cm! haha 

KRS 16th Training Camp camp chief - L/KPL Ang Shu Hui

Me and my partner - Lim Zhu Hen 
I know this was our first time cooperate and I really didn't make it perfect. So sorry! But you're so nice and taught me patiently. Thankiew partner! :)

My partner and I teaching members how to dance our New Free Dance - Madagascar! Haha. We used half hour to create this brand new song. Its really a nice memory to dance in front of everyone! Thanks for providing me guts! haha

Le ME. 
Preparing for everything before the camp started. Sorry for the messy look. haha

Helper of 16th Training Camp's camp chief - L/KPL Tan Jin Wei
Before the camp we are just strangers that only smiled to each other when passed by. But now, we are friends, even buddies! We use to talk, smile, having fun with each others. He looks extremely fierce and I kept telling him to smile more because he really has a super attractive smile and super deep dimples! He is a super nice and soft spoken boy. He taught me a lot of things in this camp and I understand you rebuked me just want me to perform well. Thanks buddy! 

Refreshment - S/SJN Lim Jia Rou

Refreshment - Eng Tianni
You two have a great cooking skill! Thanks for all the delicious foods ya! 

Discipline Master - Celine Lim
She really has a super fierce face and quite hot temper. But she is a nice friend to talk. Smile more because you have a nice smile! :) It's really scary when you piss. Haha. 

Helper of the Helper - Chiam Khee Wei
Super cute and funny girl! I like you so much! We know each other for 2 years but this was the first time interacted with each other so so much. I was her monitor last year and didn't talk much. But we can joke with each other now! haha. Thanks buddy! You're so so cute! 

Programmer - L/KPL Tan Yik Ming
He is my muscle man forever. haha. Thanks for your super patient too! Thanks buddy! Super super thanks! :D

Spot me with all the chefs! They're so great in cooking so I was just standing beside and tried the foods haha

Our campchief - L/KPL Ang Shu Hui
We knew each other for years but I don't know she is so funny and crazy. haha. Thanks for allowing me to take part in this camp yaaaaa! 

BSMM Gang 

Photographer - Ong Ching Shun
It's damn dark because the photographer was standing beside me. haha

With 2 photographers - Goh Yue Lin and Samuel Lee
I know I'm the shortest but ain't my fault. Haha. They're so damn tall and I look cute in this height too! Isn't it? haha

Wearing full uniform 

Leader - Ng Yong Teng
He is my favourite member! You're so cute and thanks for teaching such unforgettable dance. haha

Programmer - Lim Yi Ting
She has an impressive smile and super friendly too! haha 

At my game station with the super white vampire - Lee Hong Wei

Here the vampire look! 

KRS Naib Ketua Kompeni - SJN Lim Yi Fang 

Super nice friend - KPL Lim Zhiyu

So I guess they were thinking they are super model == 

Look at our super cute cikgu!!! 

Another Discipline Master - KPL Tan Lun Wei

My super lovely partner - Lim Zhu Hen

Friends - Lim Sher Ling and Lau Sok Kei

Le ME too hungry and eating members' biscuits haha

Last photo of me in this camp haha Thankiew you guys! 
(LEFT) L/KPL Tan Jin Wei, L/KPL Tan Yik Ming, Lau Sok Kei, Lim Sher Ling, Ong Ching Shung, LE ME, S/SJN Lim Jia Rou

I've told you guys our L/KPL Tan Jin Wei is a super cute guy! haha


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